tools for a lady


In Two Places (2016)

The right side is a map of northern California, where I’ve lived for the majority of my life. The left is a map of Bangalore, where my grandparents live, where my parents grew up and got married, and where I spent most of my summers as a child. The different colors in each map reflect energies the places imbue. The bright yellow, orange and terra cotta colors in Bangalore are warm, lively and chaotic. The blue, teal and green colors in Northern California are agricultural, coastal, and calm in comparison to India. In the process of creating this visual response, I struggled with placing myself within the maps. I finally decided on two simple self-portraits. One is bold and grounded, while the other is reluctantly fading away. There are parts of me in both places.

Body Hair

I've used various techniques within printmaking to create the pieces above: Monoprint, Collograph,and plexiglass Etching.

Identity Gets Hairy

Through these illustrations, I explored the effects gender norms have on perception of hairy bodies. How do perceptions of the body change when the body is hairy? Body hair functions within the gender binary: hairiness might convey masculinity and hairlessness might convey femininity. How do gender markers-in this case, color-further influence our readings of the work

Pen, Ink & Scratchboard

Working in Pen & Ink and Scratchboard gave me the chance to focus on composition and narrative. I'm usually so focused on color, this medium was way to stray from that.